Our influencer program is a curated community of brand ambassadors aimed at empowering women and making a difference. We believe in confidence, kindness and sustainable fashion. Together, we help promote Laya's mission, core values and offerings to our communities, living by the words 'don't be shy'.

We are looking for outgoing individuals who care about the planet, fashion, community and share a passion for the sun, summer and sea!  


  • Receive a gift card to shop your favorite Laya pieces

  • Receive an exclusive personal discount code for life of 30% to shop our products and treat yourself all year long

  • Share your exclusive 20% discount code for your family, friends, followers and community 

  • Align yourself with a brand who cares about the planet and the people

  • Be the first to know about new product launches and campaigns

  • Early access to our sales

  • Be part of our campaign, photoshoot, social media and an Ambassador of the Month feature

  • Earn commission of 20% on sales, no cap


  • Regularly engage and participate in campaigns we invite you to

  • Share your discount code with family and friends

  • Create photo and video content with your new Laya pieces

  • Review your new pieces and provide insightful feedback to us


Apply. Create. Share.

Apply via this link and fill out our simple application form. If you are approved, we will send you your Laya Lovers Starter Pack (including your gift card and discount codes)

Create and share photos and videos of you in your new Laya pieces and tell all your friends, family, followers and community about your unique ambassador code. It will give them 20% off their Laya purchases, and you will earn 20% on each sale!


To be a Laya Lover Ambassador, you must be active on Instagram and/ or Tik Tok, have a public account with over 10,000 followers and be over the age of 18 and of course love Laya Swim. We are currently accepting applications from the US.

    INTERESTED? Apply below

    Don't be shy